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tarot, dream interpretation, and intuitive services by cyree jarelle johnson: third generation seer. tarot card reader. dream interpreter. 


about cyree jarelle

Cyree Jarelle Johnson is an intuitive and mediumistic tarot card reader raised in the radical Black church tradition. He has been reading for others for the past nineteen years. Cyree practices a queer theory of tarot, which means they believe the cards illustrate what gender, sexuality, and personhood looked like in a time before christian supremacy.


He believes that tarot gives those who have been systematically isolated from spirituality, family, and community a chance to engage ecstatically with the divine, with themselves, with ancestors, and other powers in the universe. To Cyree, tarot is a tool for introspection, future-seeing, and for world building.

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Happy Clients' Homes


Cyree is as talented as they come. His reading style in comprehensive, detailed, and highly intuitive. While in his presence, you know you will not be misled, overlooked, or coddled. He speaks the Truth.

A. Austin

The minute I walked into Cyree's home to have my 1st reading done by him I felt welcomed and taken care of. Once we got started Cyree made me feel present and in control while under his focused guidance and accuracy. I highly recommend a tarot reading with Cyree!

O. Philadelphia

Whenever Cyree reads my cards I definitely find myself coming out of a very foggy place and going into a place of clarity. I have way better understanding of the course of action I should take and the way I should be thinking about the things that are happening in my life, the readings are very full in that way,  and scarily dead on sometimes, once Cyree gave me a love life reading and told me I would meet a love to remember in 2-4 months and sure enough about 3 months later I met someone. It was amazing and all the things Cyree told me I would get out of it and learn were true. Get a reading, for real.

N. Baltimore

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